Class D Broker Title Section

Class D Vehicle Dealer Broker & Title Section

As of 12/27/2012 John Peck Auctions LLC is a licensed Class D Vehicle Dealer Broker as required by Michigan Law.

What does this mean for the customer?

  • First & Foremost, All Auction Companies In The State Of Michigan That Sell Titled Items At Public Auction Are Requied By Law To Be Class D Vehicle Brokers.
  • From This Point Forward At All John Peck Auctions Under Michigan Law Any Winning Bidder Of A Titled Item Will Be Required To Pay 6% Sales Tax On That Item Only.
  • The Winning Bidder Will Be Required To Pay A $90.00 Document Preparation Fee + $15.00 Title Fee + Plate Fee. (New Buyer Must Also Show Proof Of Insurance To Auction Company. Note: This is easily accomplished by calling your Insurance company prior to the sale and having an insurance binder emailed to the auction company @,Most all insurance companies are familiar with this practice)
  • Please Do Not Let These Fees Discourage Or Confuse You, These Are The Same Fees You Pay At Any Dealer Where You May Purchase Titled Items.
  • In The Past, After You Purchased A Titled Item At Auction You Paid For Title Fees & Plate Fees When You Submit All Required Paperwork To The Secretary Of State. The Difference Now Is You Are Paying For The Same Fees Up Front.
  • The Document Preparation Fee Is Simple. John Peck Auctions Charge A $90.00 Flat Rate To Prepare All Required Documents For The Buyer On Site So The Winning Bidder Is Able To LEGALLY Take Their Titled Item On The Day Of Sale. (Note: Under Michigan Law Dealers Are Allowed To Charge Up To $200.00 For Doc. Fees, We Have Decided To Charge Our Customers Less Than ½ The Legal Allowable Rate.)
  • Additionally, We Give You A Temporary Tag & Submit All Required Documentation For You To The Secretary Of State. We Then Mail You Your Metal Plate When We Receive It Along With Your Title.

LONG STORY, SHORT: You The Buyer Get To Take Your Titled Item The Day Of The Sale, Legally & Safely Without Any Hassle After The Fact.

We Understand This Is New To Many Customers In The Auction Community, So Please Feel Free To Call Us Directly With Any Questions. At John Peck Auctions We Have & Always Will Uphold The Highest Standards Of Ethical Business Practices.

For more information please click the online resource links below.

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